Distinct Words (1817)
There are only 4832 distinct words in The Quran. This number reduces to 1817 if you exclude the derivatives for words with roots. Click the (+) sign next to the root letters to see all derivatives for that root.
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أَحْمَدُ Ahmad Proper noun
إِدْرِيسَ Idris Proper noun
إِذَا then Surprise particle
أَفَإِنْ So if Conditional particle
أَلَا Beware Inceptive particle
أَنْ to Subordinating conjunction
أَنَّ that Accusative particle
إِنَّ Indeed Accusative particle
أَهَٰكَذَا Is like this Demonstrative pronoun
أَوْ Or Coordinating conjunction
أُولَاءِ those Relative pronoun
أُولَٰئِكَ Those Demonstrative pronoun
إِي Yes Answer particle
إِيَّاكَ You Alone Personal pronoun
أَيَّانَ when will be Interogative particle
أَيَّتُهَا O you Noun
أَيُّهُمْ (as to) which of them Interogative particle
الْآنَ Now Time adverb
الْأَيْكَةِ (of) the wood Noun
التَّابُوتُ the ark Noun
التَّنُّورُ the oven Noun
التَّوْرَاةَ the Taurat Proper noun
الْجُودِيِّ the Judi Proper noun
الرُّومُ the Romans Proper noun
الصَّفَا the Safa Proper noun
الْفِرْدَوْسِ (of) the Paradise Proper noun
اللَّائِي whom Relative pronoun
اللَّاتَ the Lat Proper noun
الْمَسِيحُ (is) the Messiah Proper noun
الْيَاقُوتُ rubies Noun
الْيَهُودُ the Jews Proper noun
بِبَابِلَ in Babylon Proper noun
بِبَدْرٍ in Badr Proper noun
بِبَكَّةَ (is) at Bakkah Proper noun
بِجَالُوتَ against Jalut Proper noun
بَرْزَخٌ (is) a barrier Noun
بَلْ Nay Retraction particle
بَلَىٰ Yes Answer particle
بِيَحْيَىٰ of Yahya Proper noun
تُبَّعٍ (of) Tubba Proper noun
تِلْكُمَا this Demonstrative pronoun
ثُمَّ then Coordinating conjunction
ثَمُودَ Thamud Proper noun
جَهَنَّمُ (is) Hell Proper noun
حَتَّىٰ until Preposition
حُنَيْنٍ (of) Hunain Proper noun
دَاوُودُ Dawood Proper noun
ذَا (is) the one Demonstrative pronoun
ذَٰلِكَ That Demonstrative pronoun
رُبَمَا Perhaps Noun
رَمَضَانَ (of) Ramadhaan Proper noun
زَكَرِيَّا (of) Zakariya Proper noun
زَنْجَبِيلًا (of) Zanjabil Noun
زَيْدٌ Zaid Proper noun
سَبَإٍ Saba Proper noun
سَقَرَ (of) Hell Proper noun
سَلْسَبِيلًا Salsabil Proper noun
سُلَيْمَانَ (of) Sulaiman Proper noun
سُنْدُسٍ fine silk Noun
سَيْنَاءَ Mount Sinai Proper noun
سِينِينَ Sinai Proper noun
شُعَيْبًا Shuaib Proper noun
طَالُوتَ Talut Proper noun
عَدْنٍ (of) everlasting bliss Proper noun
عَرَفَاتٍ (Mount) Arafat Proper noun
عُزَيْرٌ Uzair Proper noun
عَلَيْهِمْ on them Preposition
عِمْرَانَ (of) Imran Proper noun
عَنْهَا from it Preposition
عِيسَى Isa Proper noun
فَإِلَّمْ Then if not Conditional particle
فَأَيْنَمَا so wherever Conditional particle
فَثَمَّ [so] there Location adverb
فَذَانِكَ So these Demonstrative pronoun
فِرْعَوْنَ (of) Firaun Proper noun
فَسَوْفَ then soon Future particle
فَلَمَّا then, when Time adverb
فَلَوْلَا So if not Conditional particle
فَوَيْلٌ So woe Noun
فِيهِ in it Preposition
قَارُونَ Qarun Proper noun
قَدْ Indeed Particle of certainty
قُرَيْشٍ (of the) Quraish Proper noun
كَأَنَّهُمْ as if they Accusative particle
كَلَّا Nay Aversion particle
كَمْ how many Interogative particle
لِجِبْرِيلَ to Jibreel Proper noun
لَدَى at Location adverb
لَدَيْهِمْ with them Location adverb
لَظَىٰ surely a Flame of Hell Proper noun
لَعَلَّكُمْ so that you may Accusative particle
لَعَلِّي that I may Accusative particle
لُقْمَانَ Luqman Proper noun
لِكَيْلَا so that not Subordinating conjunction
لَمْ not Negative particle
مَاذَا what Interogative particle
مَتَىٰ When Interogative particle
مُحَمَّدٌ (is) Muhammad Proper noun
مَدْيَنَ Madyan Proper noun
مَرْيَمَ (of) Maryam Proper noun
مَعَكُمْ (are) with you Location adverb
مَعَكُمْ (is) with you Preposition
مَكَّةَ Makkah Proper noun
مَنْ (are some) who Relative pronoun
مَهْمَا Whatever Conditional particle
مُوسَىٰ (for) Musa Proper noun
نَعَمْ Yes Answer particle
هَاؤُمُ Here Imperative verbal noun
هَاتَيْنِ (of) these two Demonstrative pronoun
هَارُوتَ Harut Proper noun
هَارُونَ (of) Harun Proper noun
هَاهُنَا here Demonstrative pronoun
هَلْ Are Interogative particle
هُنَالِكَ There only Time adverb
هَيْهَاتَ Far-(fetched) Noun
هَٰذَا This (is) Demonstrative pronoun
هَٰذَانِ these two Demonstrative pronoun
وَإِنْ And if Conditional particle
وَأَيُّوبَ and Ayyub Proper noun
وَالْإِنْجِيلَ and the Injeel Proper noun
وَالْعُزَّىٰ and the Uzza Proper noun
وَالْمَرْوَةَ and the Marwah Proper noun
وَذِي and (with) Noun
وَزَرَابِيُّ And carpets Noun
وَكَأَيِّنْ And how many Noun
وَلَا and not Negative particle
وَلَمَّا while not Negative particle
وَلَنْ and never Negative particle
وَلَوْ And if Conditional particle
وَلُوطًا and Lut Proper noun
وَلَٰكِنْ [and] but Amendment particle
وَلَٰكِنَّ [and] but Accusative particle
وَمَأْجُوجَ and Majuj Proper noun
وَمَارُوتَ and Marut Proper noun
وَمِمَّا and out of what Relative pronoun
وَمِمَّا and out of what Preposition
وَمَنَاةَ And Manat Proper noun
وَمِيكَالَ and Meekael Proper noun
وَنَمَارِقُ And cushions Noun
وَنُوحًا and Nuh Proper noun
وَهَامَانَ and Haman Proper noun
وَيَعْقُوبُ and Yaqub Proper noun
وَيَعُوقَ and Yauq Proper noun
وَيْكَأَنَّ Ah! That Accusative particle
وَيُوسُفَ and Yusuf Proper noun
وَيُونُسَ and Yunus Proper noun
يَأْجُوجَ Yajuj Proper noun
يَا أَيُّهَا O Noun
يَا لَيْتَنِي Oh! I wish Accusative particle
يَثْرِبَ (of) Yathrib! Proper noun
يَغُوثَ Yaguth Proper noun
يَقْطِينٍ gourd Noun
يَوْمَئِذٍ that day Time adverb
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